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The publishers of the Portugal Resident have their sights set firmly on making the number one source of online news and information about Portugal in English. Since launching the site in 2014, traffic has grown consistently and continues to increase. As part of the Open Media group, our recently re-designed daily news portal has unrivalled resources at its disposal as far as English language publishing in Portugal is concerned.

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Advertising on the Portugal Resident website

Whether your potential clients are residents in Portugal or other countries, we offer access to a vast audience of over 22 million views per year. This is complimented by our weekly printed newspaper, the Portugal Resident, which is not published online in its full version.

Over 80% of our visitors are English speakers and we have more than 56% visitors from Europe including Portugal, Sweden, Germany,France and Ireland. 35% reside outside Europe including as far afield as Canada and the USA. At its inception, the demographics of reflected an older readership. Over the years, this has changed and we now have an even mix of 25 – 65-year-old readers, both male and female alike, accessing the site.